Scupe Commerce Builds Plant-Based Vegan Marketplace: From Plants

From Plants launched Feb. 5th 2021 from our founder, Hosam Soliman, who turned vegan in 2018. After starting Scupe Commerce, a webstore development company for KeHE Distributors, we began building over 50+ Webstores that quickly became flooded with vegan and plant-based products the public loved.

These products, in retail, are fragmented and hard to come by together in one store. He knew there had to be a solution. From Plants was always an idea for years, until one day, we put aside every other project we had in development to create a marketplace that combines all of the plant-based foods you know and love, into one box. 

Shipping a plant-based granola bar, or ambient, shelf-stable product is easy. Simply put a product in a cardboard box and you’re done. We want to service refrigerated and frozen brands that typically cost over $40+ to ship on their own, together with brands that can be used to compliment recipes without leaving your home. From Plants uses curbside recyclable packaging and a corn-based, Climacell liner that keeps items cold all throughout transit. This allowed us to combine plant-based meats, cheeses, chocolate and more into one order. We also made sure to not place any order minimums for folks who would like to try a certain product they’ve heard that’s not locally available to them. 

Our overall mission is to make plant-based and vegan products widely available to those who would like to make the transition to a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle. We’re currently adding new products each week to become the biggest plant-based marketplace the world has ever seen. Unlike our competitors, we will never have membership fees. We also offer free shipping over $59.99 anywhere in the United States. 

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